Our History

Created by individuals committed to competency. PIM is dynamic, innovative and focused on driving change.

2011 - The Beginning

PIM began in a modest office in Westhill with a small team of 4.

Somewhat disillusioned with the quality of service available from the existing integrity management providers of the time, PIM was created with a vision: "To provide clients with a level and quality of service that we would expect, and be delighted to receive ourselves".

2012 - On The Move

2012 saw the expansion of both team and premises.

PIM's strategy to grow organically, doubling in size each year required us to move offices.

To accommodate, our now team of 7, we relocated to temporary offices in Newmachar while renovations were completed on our permanent premises situated in Blackburn.

By the end of the year PIM had successfully gained ISO 9001 accreditation.

2013 - Change To Succeed

We moved into our new premises in Blackburn with a staff of 14, still growing exponentially while nurturing and maintaining our company culture.

From the start, PIM had invested strongly in procedural and system development to support this planned organic company growth.

This meant that the growing pains associated with many SMEs had already been addressed and the internal systems were in place to allow our continued expansion while simultaneously working to develop new services and products.

2014 - Growing The Team

By 2014, our team exceeded 40 for the first time.

The business was now being taken more seriously by the rest of the industry and word was getting out on the streets that PIM was a force to be reckoned with.

Companies were starting to come looking for us rather than us chasing them and at the same time the company culture of delivering excellence while having a good time doing it was still growing.

It was becoming clear to external organisations that we were attracting a high proportion of highly qualified and experienced individuals; essential for providing support to junior and mid-level engineers and assuring a solid foundation for the growth of the business.

2015 - Global Workforce

In the last few months of 2014 the oil price had crashed from $100 to $50. 2015 saw this price halve again and the industry was in turmoil. Companies that had planned for a $100 oil price and invested with this in mind had no option but to cut costs and this had repercussions across the entire supply chain.

PIM responded appropriately. Our historically conservative, organic approach to growth meant that we could react to the changing requirements of the new order. Whereas many companies had to downsize and lay people off, we were in a solid position to hold onto our excellent workforce. Nobody left the company as a result of the downturn.

The whole oil and gas industry faced challenging times in 2015 but PIM continued to excel in the provision of services and products, actually expanding slightly into the Middle East.

2016 - Challenging Times

The industry's reaction to the drop in oil price only truly started to hit home in 2016.

Although challenging, 2016 was a productive year for PIM. We won several contracts including a new 5-year contract with Nexen, wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Ltd. The contract saw PIM win its first company changing contract to provide Inspection Management Services on Nexen's North Sea assets. This covered the delivery of Integrity Management Services for pressure systems, structures and pipelines.

PIM once again started to grow while many in the industry were still recoiling from the downturn.

2017 - The Future

With the industry showing some signs of recovery, PIM refocussed on growth. By the end of Q1 2017 our workforce had increased by 10%, creating 5 new positions to be based in Aberdeenshire.

We continued to explore opportunities to deliver Integrity Management Services in the Middle East and implemented a risk based inspection (RBI) plan in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia at Ras Al-Khair for Ma'aden Phosphate Company.

2018 - The Next Step

In March we hosted and delivered our first integrity management event. Entitled 'To integrity & beyond, setting new standards in uncertain times.' The event attracted more than 50 integrity management professionals and was hailed a success by all concerned. 11 different speakers presented to their audience on topics including root cause analysis, cessations of production, the need for collaboration, corrosion resistant alloys and fabric maintenance.

2019 - Onwards & Upwards

PIM hosted our second integrity management event in March. The conference, 'Risk rather than chance' attracted around 80 delegates including representatives from oilfield service companies, operators and industry bodies.

While the industry continues to weather tougher times, PIM is growing. Our focus on quality and competency means we continue to consistently deliver high quality service to our growing client base.

2020 - A Year Of Change

No one could have predicted the challenges Covid-19 would present to us and how it would change the way we work on a day to day basis.

PIM has faced these challenges head on, and work carries on as normal. Our offices may look a bit different but thanks to technology and great IT support, PIM's transition to remote working has been a smooth one and we continue to deliver our high level of services to all our clients.