Our Values

Of the people, by the people, for the people.

When PIM was founded in 2011 the company values were innate. They weren't written down because they didn't need to be. They were passed, effortlessly from person to person simply by exposure to the healthy company environment.

Over the years, PIM expanded; and as the company continued to grow the Directors recognised that in order to retain the original ethos and identity, the core values needed to be formalised.

They also realised that in keeping with the company's approach, - and in order for the core values to fully reflect the company and its people - a holistic approach was needed.

Every staff member was included in the process of formalising the core values and as such they truly are owned by the people that make up PIM.

Always provide high quality service to clients

At PIM our passion for high quality motivates us and drives us to deliver excellence in everything that we do.

Be accountable

Be accountable for your actions, never throw someone under the bus. Mistakes are an essential part of the route to experience. Account for these and learn from them.

Respect yourself and others

We know that good relationships are built on mutual respect. We encourage that you respect yourself as well as others, and never take advantage of people.

Innovate and offer alternatives

The old way is not always the best way. We strive to find more efficient, smarter, simpler, safer techniques and use these ideas to revolutionise our industry.

Conduct yourself with integrity and honesty

At PIM we have a strong moral compass and we value telling the truth, even ugly truths. Make sure you uphold your values and stay true to your word.

We focus on our people

Our lifeblood is our people. We like to give people the opportunities they deserve, value their opinions and help them to grow to their full potential. Our people are our family and it is important that they enjoy what they do.

Communicate and collaborate

We believe that knowledge is more powerful when shared. Share your ideas, offer your expertise, embrace teamwork and encourage openness.