PIM's annual event considers issues that affect integrity management in the North Sea.

The Oil industry loves a good conference.

They provide an opportunity to network; to catch up with the latest products, services and technology and to get a break from day to day pressures.

But, they can be expensive to attend, and they often degrade into a series of sales presentations.

How about running our own conference, making it free to attend and insisting that none of the presentations are in any way sales oriented

- Martin Worth Business Director

PIM came up with the idea of providing the industry's first truly "integrity only" conference.

Rather than being a series of dull sales presentation, hidden amongst a number of unrelated soliloquies at a large corporately run conference, this was to be a half day of short, sharp thought provoking opinion pieces similar to TED talks.

Each presentation was to last between just 15 and 20 minutes and the whole event was to be over in just half a day.