Why Structures?

PIM are acutely aware of the intrinsic link both directly and indirectly that structural integrity contributes to Major Accident Hazards in the context of process safety management. We look after the complete structural integrity management of your assets giving you the peace of mind that risks are understood and being managed at an optimal cost.

It is vital to deliver economies of scale in a world where risk is increasing while margins are tighter. We see structures as being the backbone of your assets, they are the last piece of infrastructure left standing and it is vital that it is managed and maintained through its life cycle, which relies on having an effective assurance programme in place to continually understand and demonstrate fitness for purpose.

PIM's Capabilities

A core element of the PIM service offering is the provision of structural integrity management of high hazard infrastructure worldwide for the oil and gas industry. The experience and expertise spans across onshore COMAH sites and both fixed and floating offshore assets.

The team is made with a unique mix of highly competent individuals with backgrounds immersed in all the multi-faceted aspects of the oil and gas industry. This includes individuals with extensive operational experience, which is one key differentiator that sets them apart as they know the key challenges faced by our clients and are able to more clearly understand and articulate fit for purpose solutions that are more closely aligned to problem statements.

PIM's Unique Offerings

Knowledge and data management is absolutely key to the success and effectiveness of strategic and tactical approach to managing and assuring the structural integrity of your assets. It is common now for assets to go through several different owners and often key data can be lost. While this is not ideal we have supported clients in overcoming this by undertaking benchmarking reviews of their data, systems and processes, measured against industry peers, which quickly highlights where gaps and risks exist.

This provides a platform to work from to frame improvement opportunities and re-baseline programmes to set out realistic business performance objectives that underpin asset strategies. Our Structural team are able to bring together and interpret detailed and complex structural analyses output and translate that into practical and proportionate integrity programmes to narrow the focus on critical locations.

Key Aspects of Structural Integrity Engineering

Structural Integrity Engineering within PIM is a broad area covering: -

  • Development of Structural RBI methodologies,
  • Review and optimisation of legacy inspection and anomaly data, reducing programme scopes by as much as 30%.
  • Updates to performance standards
  • Reviewing and updating elements of COMAH safety report and safety cases
  • Preparation and input to budget planning cycles
  • Provision of Technical Authority support
  • Input and guidance on CAPEX project scopes
  • Input to scope development for structural modifications
  • On-call support for subsea and shutdown programmes
  • Supporting HAZOP, HAZID and process safety reviews

PIM's Added Value

We don’t just support our clients in the management of their structural assets, we bringing passion, commitment and ownership in assuring a safe place of work for people to do their jobs.