PIM Running Festival

In 2017 the industry was still reeling from the downturn of the previous 2 years. Budgets were being tightened and costs cut. Unfortunately some of the easiest targets for cost cutting are those linked to community events. One such event that was in danger of collapse, due to its long term sponsor pulling out, was the hugely popular Crathes Castle Half Marathon.

This had been a regular event on the North East Scotland running calendar for many years and when a plea for support went out on social media, PIM quickly jumped to the rescue.

The 2018 Crathes Castle Half Marathon was saved. PIM were delighted to support this event which apart from obviously being a great marketing opportunity puts back into the local community on so many levels.

It acts as a social event bringing people together. It supports the local National Trust site. It encourages health and fitness. It brings people from outlying areas into Aberdeenshire. It demonstrates gratitude, generosity and celebrates the human condition.

How's that for return on investment?