Bringing innovation to integrity management in the North Sea

The industry’s leading integrity management specialists, PIM, are changing the way that software is used to support integrity inspection in the North Sea with the launch of PIM Optimum 2.0. This complete re-evolution of their existing software offering promises to revolutionise the management of integrity.

PIM’s Managing Director, Steven Plant, said, “The development of PIM Optimum 2.0 has been a significant investment. When we started, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve but we were aware many had tried before and failed. The risks we took have been validated and we are now ready to bring this software to market by combining our wealth of experience in the integrity management field with our now extensive in-house software capability.”

“To call this new version of PIM Optimum a gamechanger is to vastly undersell it” added Wayne Junor, one of PIM’s Offshore Inspection engineers who has been heavily involved in the development of the new software. “It promises to further reduce our time spent administering inspection activities, meaning we and our inspection engineers can concentrate on the main task in hand, inspection.” Wayne went on to say “The increased tool time, reduced administration burden and overriding confidence that the integrity of the data can be trusted means that in reality no other software competes with PIM Optimum 2.0. It just works.”

The software delivers stage by stage visibility of the integrity management process and at the same time provides clear information on equipment condition to users and management.

All information is stored on the cloud in the PIM Optimum database which acts as a central information hub. Consequently, all users, wherever they are accessing PIM Optimum from, access the same information.

Live visibility of equipment and anomaly status is provided by condition dashboards.

Along with equipment condition and job progress, PIM Optimum generates the creation of workpacks, typically reducing workpack preparation time by 75% when compared to manual paper-based techniques.

Steven concluded, “We have worked hard to ensure that PIM Optimum 2.0 delivers real value to clients. It has been developed with the operators’ needs in mind and has collaboration built into its DNA. It addresses the whole integrity management cycle and offers the opportunity to work seamlessly with third party contractors, such as those carrying out fabric maintenance or mechanical repairs, further streamlining the process.”

“Quite simply it makes understanding the actual condition of an asset easier, this in turn impacts resource planning and enables clients to focus their, often restricted, resources where they are needed. Logic dictates that this will have a positive effect on maximising economic recovery as we look to build a sustainable future for the oil and gas industry.”

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