Topsides UK 2022

Willie Tulloch to present on Wednesday 2nd November

Topsides UK returns on the 1st and 2nd of November at the P&J Live Aberdeen and PIM are delighted to able to support this year's event.

Come and visit our stand in between presentation sessions and join Willie Tulloch for his talk on day 2, where he will share his observations on the world of energy.

For more event information and a copy of the full Technical Programme click here.

Energy Transition, how can we stop history repeating itself?

In a fossil-fuel dependent world, reliable access to oil and gas reserves is an essential component of any successful modern society. A pandemic and a war have once again shown, the sensitivity of global economics to the volatility of oil and gas prices.

But isn’t this the era of Net Zero? Yes it is; but in the UK and Europe at least, the focus has swiftly shifted from a predominantly environmental agenda to one reasserting energy security as a major consideration. The truth is both are important in a Just Transition.

Wind and other renewables may finally be on the cusp of providing a real alternative; removing our dependence on oil and gas and providing a path to greater stability and predictability.

By taking a diagonal slice through the energy continuum, looking at significant events in history; it is possible to identify key “transitional” moments on the evolutionary timeline of energy supply and demand. This allows us to investigate common themes that continue to apply to this day.