PIM Optimum - Version History

Current update pipeline / roadmap items

  • Soon to release on new enhanced version of tablet app (Windows) for recording inspection results. Android version will also be released soon
  • CUI Inspection process and register to be enhanced
  • Wall thickness trending to be included
  • RBA module
  • Upload of historical inspection results

Revision 2.5.0 - Late April 2021

Inspection in Progress (OIE / Tech)

UT, IRIS, DPI, MPI – Header and Equipment

A change has been made to this section for the following inspection types:

  • UT
  • IRIS
  • DPI
  • MPI

In line with the Tablet app, Header and Equipment details are now required to be input prior to recording inspection results when using the web-based application. The user will be asked to confirm the Equipment details each time they access the inspection tab. The Header and Equipment details will not be displayed in subsequent screens in the workflow but will be added to the Inspection Reports once generated.

For any of these inspection types that are carried out on the tablet, once synced, the Header details will be displayed on the web but the Equipment tab will remain hidden from view.

Revision 2.4.0 - Mid April 2021

  • New Grids - Fixing columns. As per the previous release, we are continuing to roll out the new grid (tables) format, which is now available in Workpack Creation.
  • In all new grids we have added a function for the user to fix the position of columns so that they always appear on the screen even when you scroll to the right. Users can fix one or more columns to either the left or right side. Please note that this function is temporary so if you refresh the screen or close it and return to it, then these settings are not retained.
  • To Fix a column right-click the column heading, select ‘Fix’ then ‘To the left’ or ‘To the right’, as shown below:
  • Search Parameters - Another feature (that was already implemented but we forgot to highlight) was that users can specify certain search parameters in the free text section by clicking on the looking glass, as show below:
  • Workpack Creation (WPC) - We have also updated the Workpack Creation screens for the WPC role. As well as adding in the new grids for Item Selection and Technique Allocation sections, we have improved the interaction between the various sections.
  • Also, in the Information section, if the user attempts to leave the section without saving any unsaved data a warning will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Revision 2.3.6 - Early April 2021

  • New Grids - We are slowly rolling out new a grid (tables) format, currently available in the Asset and Feature Registers. The new/updated features on this grid are shown below.
  • New Graphs - We have also updated the format of the graphs used in the Inspection and the Anomaly Dashboards, with the new features shown below.

Revision 2.3

  • Added specific pipework feature registers (trunnions, supports and penetrations) as well as enhancing the overall pipework feature register
  • Enhanced dashboard graphs and some tables giving the user more flexibility and features

Revision 2.2

  • Added Adhoc Inspection feature, allowing inspection results to be recorded without the need of workpack creation

Revision 2.1

  • Client specific option added to enable switch to extended endorsement workflow for anomalies
  • Admin section enhanced as well as adding functionality to bulk upload equipment details

Revision 2.0 - Autumn 2020

  • Updated look and layout
  • Software is now client specific rather than asset specific
  • Read-only version of each user role
  • Inspection results can be reviewed line-by-line to avoid bottle-neck in workflow
  • Multi file/photo upload function
  • Client specific anomaly matrix
  • Simplified process for Repair Coordinator (RC) handling repairs
  • Addition of Asset Register giving users a central point to view equipment details and associated reports
  • Anomaly register enhanced with improved detail with ability to review risk assessment
  • Added numerous charts in Anomaly Dashboard section
  • Enhanced drill-down on Condition Dashboard

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