PIM Relief

Version History

REVISION 4.2.9 - 24 July 2022

Emails (Microsoft Graph Token Authentication)

New Features

  • Emails were updated to token authentication instead of login authentication.
  • Email logic improved for dispatching various emails to users.


  • PIM Relief on Apple devices was not showing composed icon for iOS / MacOS
  • Product key will now show more information that needs to be emailed to users.
  • Enabling users through incorrect flash message to admin users.
  • Location of URN field has been fixed for Onshore Sign Off role while visiting PSV Details screen.
  • Inspection Bellows / Conventional from screen could not be updated in certain scenarios.

REVISION 4.2.8 - 13 July 2022

Witness Sign-Off Role (PIN Code) & UNR Field

New Features

  • User creation/edit with Witness Sign-off Role requires a PIN code.
  • Witness Sign Off role can use PIN Code to sign off certificate without logging out.
  • UNR field added to certification process & PDF certificate if functionality is enabled by Admin.
  • UNR & serial number fields have been added to Active Certification Grid.
  • UNR field becomes available in Customer Certificate Reporting (column chooser).


  • The application will install a new version if App detects out of date version.
  • Admin - ability to produce licence keys for the APP
  • Admin UI cleanup & Witness Sign Off log added.

REVISION 4.2.7 - 16 June 2022

Transactional Report, Labels, and Grid Enhancement

New Features

  • Transactional Reports are now in the Reporting Module if enabled in the Admin Module.


  • Label (months) has been updated across software
  • Customised reports now show "Columns" in "Columns Chooser".

REVISION 4.2.6 - 16 June 2022

Certificate Removal

New Features

  • Certificates on "Update PSV Details" stage can now be removed by Onshore sign off user role.


  • Bug has been fixed where users could not remove certificates at "Revalidate Certificate" stage.

REVISION 4.2.5 - 9 June 2022

Pre-pop Pop Pressure


  • Active certification - Pre pop Pop Pressure is no longer required if user selects Failed to Lift at 110% of Cold Differential Test Pressure (CDTP)

REVISION 4.2.4 - 30 May 2022


  • Overdue Recertification Data / Graphs will take into consideration also certificates that has been tested but are still waiting in Procces RBI or RBI to be Approved stage to update next due date in Valve Register.

REVISION 4.2.3 - 26 May 2022

General Maintenance


  • Valve Register, Active Certification - Enhancement for suggestion fields (combobox)


  • Valve Register - Search Functionality for clients with hidden assets fixed

REVISION 4.2.2 - 9 May 2022

Excluding removed certificates from Custom Reporting


  • Reporting - Custom Certificates Report will no longer show "Removed" certificates
  • Reporting - Custom RBI Report will no longer show "Removed" certificates


New version to be released to Google Play Store


  • Forcing synchronisation (default 14 days)
  • Unlocking Reason for Work field on PSV Details page
  • Nozzle & Disk Dimension - suggest Replacement of the Component rather than forcing condition & action of the component
  • Added extra logic for disabled users to restrict synchronisation
  • Forcing users to set correct datetime before synchronisation and login if detected
  • Tags classified as PRVs cannot be booked into certification process as Pilot valve types

REVISION 4.2.1 - 4 May 2022

Active Certification & General Improvements

  • Active Certification - PSV Details - Reason For Work - Fully opening this field for users to pick the right value
  • Active Certification - Nozzle & Disk Dimension - Software will rather suggest replacement instead of forcing condition, action & replacement values
  • Synchronisation - Enhanced integration with the App to detect wrong Datetime on Client Device
  • Daily Emails update - Emails will be issued to users when there is at least 1 certificate so no more empty emails


  • Errors will be emailed to those on Production Environment and not just be stored in error logs

REVISION 4.2.0 - 17 April 2022

Resource Planning Enhancement

New Features

  • Addition of fields to Valve Register, Resource Tab
    • Crane Required
    • Valve Weight
    • PSV Insulated
    • PSV Heat Tracing
  • Addition of fields to Resource Planning, Scaffolding Tab
    • Scaffold Request Number
    • Calculation logic update
  • Addition of Insulation section to Resource Planning
    • Field also added to bookies board
  • Addition of fields to Resource Planning, Lift Plan
    • Crane Required
    • Rigging Request
    • Lift Plan Number
    • Valve Weight
    • Calculation logic
  • Resource Planning, Isolation
    • Instrument ICC
    • Elec ICC
    • Ops ICC
    • Calculation logic update
  • Active Certification will at times require PSV Campaign Name entry when valve is being re-certified


  • Resource Planning UI
    • Onshore requirements listed above offshore requirement
    • Column chooser has been added to bookies board for export
    • Boxes will collapse by default to allow clear overview of PSV status
    • Improved layout for small screens
  • Resource Planning UI improved layout for small screens
  • Valve Register, Valve Details Tab - data cannot be edited if PSV in a campaign
  • Reporting - Help text update for graphical and overview reports
  • Addition of PSV Campaign Name Field to printed Certificate & Proforma where applicable
  • Column "PSV Campaign Name" added to column chooser in reporting (Custom Certificates Report)

REVISION 4.1.3 (Denmark release) - 11 April 2022


  • Onshore Sign Off pictures can now be deleted from certificates

REVISION 4.1.2 - 29 March 2022

New Features

  • Ability to upload PDF types against Pre-Prop & Final Test Graph Results Categories
  • Technician Review & Onshore Sign off - addition of graph file uploads section
  • PDF Certificates - Files & Graphs not visible on the certificate for Pre-Prop & Final Test Graph Results


  • Overdue campaign list will exclude campaigns that end today
  • Resource Planning fixed label for Gasket Material Specification

REVISION 4.1.1 - 25 March 2022

New Feature

  • Addition of Studs, Nuts, Bolts & Gasket Role
    • Users can access the Valve Register (read only) and update Valve Details, Studs, Nuts, Bolts & Gasket tabs


  • Resource Planning - addition of shutdown and isolation type columns to the PSV & Allocation grids
  • Resource Planning - addition of Close button on PSV tab for overdue campaigns
  • Addition of expiry date to notifications


  • QA / QC - Tested By function is no longer locked, will remain open and pre-populated.
  • Certificate Graphs now visible on PDF certificates
  • UI Admin user creation now includes onshore roles sort ('Ascending") function
  • UI Admin collapsible navigation's expand / collapse function will work consistently with the chevron icon
  • Valve Register Document tab - Image mime types & PDFs now available for upload
  • Resource Planning & Valve Register (Studs, Nuts, Bolts & Gasket tab) - label update for Gasket Material Specification
  • Reseat Pressure on the Final Test page is now a mandatory field for all valve types

REVISION 4.1.0 - 23 March 2022

New Feature - Custom User Reports

  • Users can create and save customised reports
  • Users can edit the grid, add / remove columns, filter, sort, and change column order
  • Reports are saved in Custom User Reports for easy access
  • Reports must be named, can be deleted and re-created if required,
  • Maximum limit set for creating Custom User Reports, users will be notified when limit met


  • UI Fix - Toggle menu button is more visible
  • Reporting Navigation - Collapse / Expand option and now organised into categories
  • Welcome screen Overdue Campaign Inbox - only visible if the overdue campaign and module is active to Resource Planner Role


  • RBI - calculated probability will ignore current interval for T&C with repeat failures
  • Pre-Pop Lift & Leakage results report shows only active tag statuses, No RBI - included in Vendor Package, and no RBI - Fixed Interval
  • Disabled assets no longer show in Valve Register grids and data cannot be updated for tag on inactive asset
  • Disabled assets will no longer show in History
  • Disabled assets will no longer be taken into account for reporting purposes
  • Uploads of photo / graph was increased from 5MB to 10MB per upload
  • Final Test Photo / Graph Categories - users cannot upload photos against PSV Inspection photo category if certificate has not been stripped and inspected
  • Interval Justification is disabled for PRV valves

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