PIM Optimum

It really is that simple

The industry needs a smarter solution for integrity management.

One that effectively manages data, ensures the visibility of the workflow process and provides live status updates.

PIM Optimum is an unrivalled solution. Built with the operator’s needs in mind, it provides a complete healthcare approach to an asset’s inspection and repair needs, delivering full control of the integrity management process.

PIM Optimum is cloud based and covers the entire integrity management work cycle for pressure systems and structures, offering the opportunity to work seamlessly with third party contractors, such as those carrying out fabric maintenance or mechanical repairs.

The workflow cycle is strictly controlled by the software, ensuring data consistency, procedural consistency and quality are maintained

PIM’s bespoke inspection recording app is used to record inspection information in the field on tablets.

Initial results have shown that this approach typically improves tool time by at least 25%.

Since it's introduction in 2017 PIM Optimum has been continuously and actively updated and improved. See our Version History page.

The software delivers stage by stage visibility of the integrity management process and at the same time provides clear information on equipment condition to users and management.

All information is stored on the cloud in the PIM Optimum database which acts as a central information hub. Consequently, all users, wherever they are accessing PIM Optimum from, access the same information.

Along with recording equipment condition and tracking job progress, PIM Optimum assists in the creation of workpacks, typically reducing workpack preparation time by 75% when compared to manual paper-based techniques.

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