Health and safety is not only integral to the services we provide, it is at the heart of our business.

Health & Safety

PIM’s approach to safety is driven by the fact that safety is a core tenant of what we do. Ultimately integrity management is fundamentally about providing safe operations for our clients.

PIM believe that its strong QHSE culture is down to its people. We take great care in ensuring that anyone who comes to work for PIM all have the same strong cultural beliefs and this leads to a workforce that care about what they do, and care for each other.

We truly believe that nobody should be injured at work and our main goal is ensuring that all our employees return from work safely. PIM has the objective of zero incidents every day and is committed to achieving this.


PIM recognises and appreciates the role it plays in protecting the environment which is why it is important that, where we can, we reduce the impact we have on the planet. We measure the environmental impact created by our operations and activities and set objectives that allow for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.


Quality management is synonymous with safety for a reason, the two are very much interlinked. Where safety management looks to avoid bad events, quality management focuses on doing things well to avoid these events in the first place.

PIM understands the importance of having a robust Quality Management System in place that ensures the service that PIM delivers is of the highest standard. We ensure our clients can operate their assets confident in the knowledge that they have been properly maintained. This ethos extends across everything PIM does, with the appropriate approach being used in all situations.

PIM operates a fully certified Quality Management System that has been independently verified against ISO 9001:2015 by the British Assessment Bureau.

PIM is proud to work with leading industry bodies and works hard to maintain the highest health and safety standards.