Integrity Management Services

With PIM by their side as a trusted partner and stakeholder, companies are assured of safe and well managed assets at a price that makes sense.

The bread and butter of PIM's business offering are what we refer to as "Integrity Management Services".

Everything we do is linked to integrity management in some way or other, but our "Integrity Management Services" offering, specifically refers to the provision of operational, day to day integrity support for our clients.

Operational Integrity Management Services

PIM offers these services across a number of key disciplines: -

The integrity management process follows a standard framework of: -

  • Identification and registration of equipment
  • Assessment and understanding of the criticality of each item [Consequence of Failure (CoF)]

to define the initial status,

This is then followed by a continuous work cycle as below, that manages ongoing condition, anomalies, inspection and repairs: -

  • Based on the CoF [and any historical inspection/condition information] - define an appropriate ongoing Written Scheme of Examination (WSE)
  • Create an inspection plan
  • Collate inspection work-packs for implementation
  • Carry out inspections and record details
  • Create an inspection report assessing condition, degradation and anomalies
  • Identify and plan / carry out any required repairs
  • Use inspected condition and CoF from the reports to redefine appropriate WSEs based on risk.

At a high level, this is essentially the same process whatever is having its integrity managed. The details may be different but the concepts are the same.


It all revolves around people. You can have the best processes, the lowest prices, the biggest offices or the greatest brand, but without competent people, these are all potentially wasted.

All PIM's people are assessed within our bespoke competency management framework. We never pass off Technical Assistants as Engineers, or Engineers as Senior Engineers. We have our own grading system which ensures that the correct level of competency is provided for every job.

In addition to our technical competency assessment, our employees are chosen for their people and communication skills, their conscientiousness and their desire to deliver to ours and our clients' expectations.


Good people although essential are not sufficient alone to deliver a great product.

PIM has always understood the importance of processes and procedures. A competent person can never hope to deliver a good product if they have to follow a poor or non-existent process, but with good processes and procedures it is possible for even an average person to deliver a good outcome.

Combining the best people with good processes and procedures guarantees a great deliverable.

PIM has from its earliest days ensured that all its processes, procedures, systems and ways of working are robust, consistent and aligned with best industry practice. PIM is consistently complemented during audits for its excellent management systems.


Supporting PIM's people and processes is its technology.

In todays environment where digitisation and digitalisation are sometimes taken for granted, PIM take a level headed approach.

Just because something is done using software or computers doesn't make it great. Using the wrong technology can completely offset the benefits of using good people and great processes.

PIM have spent many years developing their own bespoke software products which do exactly what they are required to do. They have been developed within PIM by our own Software Developers in intimate collaboration with our Operational Engineers. All our software does what it needs to do in exactly the way it needs to do it ... and no more. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Our software offering currently consists of: -

  • PIM Optimum - Our industry leading integrity management workflow solution.
  • PIM Relief - PSV / Relief valve inspection and workflow tracking, certification and RBI software.
  • PIM SECE - Safety critical element and performance standard document creation and management software. An industry first.
  • PIM Flex - Flexible hose inspection and workflow tracking software (in prototype).

More information can be found on our Products pages.