Technical Safety Services

Integrity Management and Technical Safety running hand in hand.

It is only possible to provide best in class Integrity Management Support if the people delivering this support have a broad understanding of Technical Safety.

Unlike many integrity management companies, all our Engineers have a good knowledge of the safety related regulations that underpin the work that they do. These include: -

  • Safety Case Regulations (SCR)
  • Prevention of Fires, Explosions and Emergency Response Regulations (PFEER)
  • Design and Construction Regulations (DCR)
  • Pipeline Safety Regulations (PSR)

PIM also ensures that its Engineers understand the principles behind goal setting and the safety case regime.

  • Major Accident Hazards (MAH)
  • Major Accident Events (MAE)
  • Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECE)
  • Performance Standards / Performance Criteria
  • Assurance
  • Verification and Independent Competent Persons (ICP)

Underpinning this Technical Safety knowledge, PIM possesses in house safety engineering capabilities which range from Engineer up to Technical Authority level.

Areas which demonstrate the co-reliance of safety and integrity that PIM has been involved in include: -

  • Performance Standard development for numerous operators.
  • Development and use of Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Corrosion (Using Monte Carlo Analysis) to assess likelihood of failure under uncertainty.
  • Development and application of detailed semi-quantitative consequence assessment methodologies.
  • Detailed statistical analysis of inspection data, where limited data is available.
  • Application of HAZOP, HAZID and other safety associated techniques to integrity challenges.